Yappy New Year :)

2014. I was making my way back home after a new year party and the one thing I could not miss was the number of drunken people freaking out on their bikes. Instantly I thought that there could be so many mishaps. And then the next morning I found that there were quite a few accidents, casualties etc.

Revelry is welcome but insanity is not. I mean this is not a gyaan session but such incidents are completely avoidable. Why does one have to dance on a speeding bike, drink and drive (that too rash driving). Surely one can’t be so much in love with the passing year that he / she wants to pass away with it 😉

The cops were very vigilant and their presence certainly cut down on the number of accidents but how about exercising a little bit of self-control proactively?!

Anyway its a new year all right and hope for a new beginning by the time this one ends !!! Yappy New Year !